Balancing Health & Body Image

I have a pretty frustrating relationship with weight loss and exercise. Having spent two years as a Weight Watchers leader, some time studying nutrition, and having lost 5o pounds only to gain nearly 70 back, I have a lot of feelings on this shit. I struggle with anxiety about food and have been know in the past to fall into over-eat/under-eat patterns.  While mostly under control these days, but I do still deal with the anxiety element, which can cripple my decision making and often results in less than stellar choices. Food and booze are my chosen method of self-medication when I am feeling down, sick, or even just bored.

The fact of the matter is that I do eat better than I used to and I know a lot about nutrition and health, so it isn’t a problem of not knowing what to do, it is more an issue of sticking with a plan that isn’t too restrictive, but also helps me reach goals. I have learned a lot over the years about what works for me psychologically and for my schedule/lifestyle.

I am going to set some health related goals for myself this year that not strictly numbers-based. I know the number I want to reach on the scale, but I also acknowledge that I don’t do so well when I just focus on losing weight.

+ I am going to be a person who eats clean food 80% of the time (17 /21 meals a week).

+ I am going to be a person who regularly exercises, even if it is just a little bit each day.

+ I am going to go on walks at lunch time whenever weather permits.

+ I am going to limit my alcohol to weekends, dining out, and special occasions.

+I am going to stop talking about weight loss and instead talk about improving my health.

By approaching my health related goals in this way, I hope to keep the “dieting demons” at bay. I get so upset over the numbers, calorie counting, and feeling deprived. I also hope that this method helps me to maintain positive body image and self esteem while also taking care of my health.

And with that… I am off to Clean Eatz to buy some lunches for the week.

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