2018 Goals

2018 is going to be a busy year, but hopefully one where I can knock out a lot of goals and “first-times.” Probably won’t make it out of the country this year, but I will be hitting up Florida for the first time ever and possibly Las Vegas too! These seem so basic and silly, but I am 30 and still haven’t been to either place, so I am excited.

I expect this year to be fairly transformative in terms of my business and career goals. I hit some good benchmarks in 2017 that are setting the stage for a successful 2018. The key will be follow-through and dedication to keep my momentum going.

I have committed to writing 100 blogs during 2018. This will be spread among my various websites and I also will count articles I write for other websites, but I will post a link to each here on this blog to track my progress!

I need to get my physical health in order, so I will be committing to 3 hours of exercise a week and will be pro-active in my meal planning to make sure that I am able to lose some weight in a healthy manner.

Ok let’s get to it, my goals list:


  • Visit Florida
    • Go dancing in Miami
    • Go snorkeling in the ocean
    • See dolphins in the wild
    • Disney World & Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    • Visit the cats at the Hemingway House in Key West
  • Visit Nevada
    • See the Grand Canyon
    • Get dressed up and go to a fancy casino
    • See Penn & Teller perform live
    • Zion National Park
  • 3 day backpacking trip
  • Visit London
  • Visit California


  • Get a record player
  • Write mystery novel
  • Start a retirement savings account, aim for $1000 by end of year
  • Make 5 garments for myself
  • Write more letters and emails to friends
  • Exercise 3 hours per week
  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Plant a garden for herbs, flowers, and veggies
  • Read 20 books (1/20)
  • Play more D&D with friends


  • Leave day job to become freelancer
  • Work from home
  • Book 20 weddings in 2018
  • Start a Podcast
  • Teach a workshop
  • Write 100 blog posts between my platforms. (5/100)
  • Do floral design for 3 weddings
  • Learn to sketch/paint flowers for design proposals
  • Plan a Vendor Showcase/Wedding Show for non-traditional weddings
  • Reorganize my office


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