Folie à Deux Events – Launch

Dear friends! I have launched an all new project in the world of weddings, Folie à Deux Events, my new wedding/party planning service and blog! After moving to a new state and many other big life changes, I no longer create custom gowns, but I am happy to advise on styling, event design, and creating decor! Check out the new site, and give us a follow!

Here’s to new projects!

New Items for Sale on Etsy!

Check out these great new items in my Etsy Shop! Recently I have also done a few custom hair pieces for Etsy customers! I want to thank my new roommate, Claire, for being my model!

Inspiration – Summer Star Gazing

I have always been a bit of an Astronomy nerd and thought that a great theme for a summer wedding would be a Star Party. Even better if you can plan your wedding during a Meteor Shower! (the Perseids Meteor Shower is usually most visible during the second week of August, just saying…)

Plan the ceremony for the late afternoon or early evening and then party on into the night! Set up a nice tent for the reception, some place rural with great open views of the sky. Decorations would be simple, charming, rustic, possibly homemade if you are feeling up to a DiY project!  Light your tent with some string lights and swags of tulle or sheer fabrics, accent with paper lanterns or mason jar lights!

I envision a vintage inspired gown, but with some modern flare (Check out BHLDN, they fit this aesthetic perfectly). Dress your bridesmaids in something simple but with a little sparkle to invoke the theme.


From now on, this website can be found at decided to do some shuffling of my web addresses.  I now have a separate website for costuming stuff, and since most people associate my Kairi G alias with my costume work, is now the Kairi G Cosplay website.

In other news, I am currently working on a Bridal gown and three Bridesmaids for an August wedding in Upstate NY. First fitting of the gown is next week, hope to have some pictures to share soon!

Photo Update!

Hello darlings! I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos from my client Leana. I finished her gown last summer and her wedding was in the fall. Her gown is satin with crystal beading in various shades of white and pale silver in an asymmetrical pattern on the bodice skirt.  Congrats to her and her husband!

I am currently open for custom gown commissions for Late Summer/Fall 2012.  Feel free to shoot and email to if you are interested!

New Gown Photos!

Check out Carolyn’s Gown! Her wedding was back in May. She was an absolute delight to work with and I love the gown that we created for her! I am very happy for her and her husband!

I recently finished up a gown for another girl and I hope that I get to see pictures soon!  Its been a busy summer! Started working on designs for my friend CJ who is getting married next summer!

Post Show Update & New Items on Etsy!

I am back from The Alternative Bridal Expo in Philadelphia and I had a wonderful weekend! Very tired from all the work and traveling, but it was all worth it! I met a lot of great people!

I will soon have photos from the fashion show and photoshoots that we did of the gowns too!

There are new Bridal Accessories up for sale on the kairi-g Etsy store and there will be more coming over the next few days! Please check them out!